Saturday 18 November 2017

'Kim Jong-un not feeling well,' North Korean authorities confirm

Kim Jong Un
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North Korean authorities have confirmed leader Kim Jong-un is unwell.

After weeks of speculation around his health, a television news network in the isolated state reported he is 'not feeling well', after he was seen in a video walking with a limp.

Northern Central ran a video of the leader visiting a factory in the Nampo region, just outside the capital, taken more than four weeks ago.

It is the last time he was seen in public.

"Our marshal, who lights the path of leadership for the people like a flame, although he was not feeling well," the reporter said.

At one point, the narrator said Kim had kept up his field guidance trips "passionately leading the way for his people despite suffering discomfort."

It is highly unusual for state media to report on a North Korean leader's health, and the documentary may have been aired to address growing speculation over Kim Jong-Un's recent absences. It's believed the North Koreans uncharacteristically reported an update on his health after the story was widely picked up by South Korean media outlets.

His last confirmed appearance is said to have been September 3rd, when he reportedly attended a musical, however there are no pictures of the visit.

Reports from South Korea have claimed he is suffering from gout, diabetes, or high blood pressure - or all three.

Others have said his tendency to indulge in Swiss cheese, reportedly the leader's favourite food, has left him bed bound.

One source told Yonhap that a North Korean medical team had visited Germany and Switzerland for consultations on Mr Kim's health issues.

But In a press briefing Friday, the South Korea Unification Ministry refused to add to the speculation.

"We are watching with various possibilities in mind, including the rumours about health problems," a ministry spokeswoman said.

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