Saturday 16 December 2017

Kids make excuses to eat junk food

Children use the same ploys as adults to justify eating junk food, research has shown.

According to the new study, the use of Compensatory Health Beliefs -- justifying something unhealthy by saying you will make up for it later -- by young children could be contributing to increasing obesity levels. University of Derby doctorate student Atiya Kamal said: "Work must be done to address the issue and combat these beliefs among children."

Man tried to bring snakes on plane

A man tried to board a flight from Miami to Brazil with bags of exotic snakes and tortoises stuffed in his trousers, US officials said.

A security spokesman said seven snakes and three tortoises were hidden in his trousers. The reptiles were seized and the passenger held.

Firm can't access Britney's records

A judge won't give a firm suing Britney Spears access to her medical information.

The pop star is under court-ordered conservatorship after erratic behaviour in 2008. Due to the conservatorship, she will not have to to give a deposition in the lawsuit from the company Brand Sense, which claims it helped negotiate a perfume deal for her but was cut out of the profits. The firm was denied access to medical records that proved she couldn't testify.

Thief caught with ribs in trousers

A Pennsylvania, US, man has been charged for a second time with trying to steal a rack of ribs by shoving them down his trousers.

Police said 65-year-old Donald Noone tried to hide about $20 (€14) worth of ribs in his trousers. Police said he tried the same stunt on May 22 and pleaded guilty to retail theft and public drunkenness.

US top general switches to CIA

David Petraeus, America's best-known general, is retiring.

After a farewell ceremony today, Gen Petraeus will become director of the CIA. In that job he will keep up the pressure on al-Qa'ida and terrorist groups, while working closely with the military. Gen Petraeus made his name in Iraq, where he turned around a war on the brink of disaster in 2007.

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