Monday 18 December 2017

Kate's uncle cashes in with Hello! deal - and says he wants to help bring up her baby

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton
Prince William and Kate Middleton

KATE MIDDLETON'S uncle, Gary Goldsmith, has become the first member of her family to cash in on their relationship with her by granting an exclusive interview to Hello! magazine.

Mr Goldsmith, who was filmed taking cocaine and boasting that he could arrange “deliveries” of the drug in a tabloid sting four years ago, said he would “of course” play a role in the upbringing of the Duchess of Cambridge’s baby, the future monarch, when it is born in the summer.


He also claimed credit for helping Kate get back together with William after their temporary break-up in 2007, saying she stayed at his villa on Ibiza where she spent “a huge amount of time on the phone, walking around the pool”.


He also described how William was taught how to mix tracks on his DJ decks at the Ibiza villa.


Mr Goldsmith’s decision to speak to Hello! will come as a further embarrassment to both the Middletons and the Royal family, who forgave his previous indiscretions to allow him to attend the royal wedding in 2011.


Hello! magazine said it never discusses its financial arrangements with interview subjects, but the magazine is famed for paying more than £1 million for some of its most high-profile exclusives, such as access to celebrity weddings.


Asked if he was paid for the interview, and if so how much, a spokesman for Mr Goldsmith said: “We would never reveal anything like that with any client.”


Sources close to Mr Goldsmith said he had been keen to “set the record straight” about his drug-taking, but the majority of the interview is given over to his relationship with the Duchess.


On the subject of the Duke and Duchess’s baby, which is due in July, he says: “Would I play a part in the future monarch’s upbringing? Of course I would. And it’s another young baby growing up to play with, which I’d love to be a part of.”


He said the Duchess visited his £6m villa, La Maison De Bang Bang, “to get away from everything” in 2007 following her split from her future husband.


“Kate was very low,” he said, “spending a huge amount of time on the phone, walking around the pool. It’s a very relaxing place and it has a very nice vibe and you can hear the sea at night. So in some small way I just hope that being there helped [Kate].”


In August 2006 the Middleton family stayed at the villa with Prince William, who enjoyed taking mud baths at a neighbouring island.


He added: “Back at the house a friend of mine was teaching William how to mix on the DJ decks and he performed to the whole family as they swam. So they all had the Ibiza experience – from mud baths, to [nightclub] Pacha, to learning how to mix music.”


He said he first met Prince William when he was invited to the Middleton family home in Bucklebury, Berks., as a thank-you for the loan of his villa.


“There was Kate in the kitchen cooking supper and William was making tea for everybody,” he said. “I was a cheeky chap, asking him if he was the one who had broken four glass [ornamental] pyramids at my house by throwing a ball around. He instantly blamed James for the whole episode. We just laughed out loud, much to my sister’s dismay.”


It was at La Maison De Bang Bang that an undercover News of the World team filmed him taking cocaine, and he said the first person to call him when the story was published was his sister, Carole Middleton, who “apologised and said this wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the fact of who Kate was dating”. He claimed the Duchess was “100 per cent behind me”.


Mr Goldsmith also claims credit for suggesting to Mrs Middleton that she should launch her partyware business, Party Pieces, online, and for giving the Duchess’s brother James an £11,000 loan to start up his own cake-making business.


A spokesman for the Duchess declined to comment.


- Gordon Rayner,

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