Sunday 17 November 2019

Jumbo complaint

VILLAGERS in Nepal attacked a police station demanding that officers shoot an elephant which had killed at least four people. Hundreds of protesters also vandalised police vehicles. Police fired tear gas to control the mob.

The elephant killed a couple on Saturday and at least two other people last month in the villages bordering the Chitwan forest.

Strokes of luck

A PAINTING by the 80-year-old Spanish artist who became famous for her botched restoration of a Christ fresco in a church has fetched €1,080 on an internet auction site.

Celia Gimenez's oil painting 'Las Bodegas de Borja' more than tripled its starting price after 52 bids. She became a sensation in August when pictures spread on the internet of a mural that she disfigured while trying to restore it.

Enlightened recipes

A GROUP of Trappist monks secluded in the Missouri Ozarks have won a national bake-off following for their home-made fruit cakes.

Between February and mid-December, monks at the Assumption Abbey in Ava produce about 25,000 cakes. Before each $31 (€23) cake leaves the abbey it gets a prayer from the monks aimed at all those who eat it.

Hawaiian icon dies

SENATOR Daniel Inouye of Hawaii, an influential Democrat who was one of the first Asian-Americans in the US Congress, has died at 88.

Mr Inouye, a senator since January 1963, was the longest serving senator and was president pro tempore of the Senate, third in the line of presidential succession. His office said he died of respiratory complications at a Washington-area hospital.

Internet Ayatollah

FACEBOOK – banned in Iran due to its use by activists to rally government opponents in 2009 – has an unlikely new member: Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Launched a few days ago, Facebook page displays photographs of the 73-year-old cleric alongside speeches by the man who wields ultimate power in Iran.

Shared interests

HELENA Bonham Carter apparently shares more with Victor Hugo than just a role in the film based on his novel.

A study by genealogy website reveals that Victor Hugo was a political colleague of a cousin of the 46-year-old actress. Carter stars as Madame Thenardier in the upcoming 'Les Miserables', an adaptation of the stage musical based on Hugo's 1862 book.

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