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Thursday 14 December 2017

It's already got the Papal blessing but now 'selfie' has been chosen as the word of 2013

Pope takes a 'selfie
Pope takes a 'selfie
Samantha Cameron accidentally catches the British PM napping on the morning of her sister's wedding
Miley Cyrus 'twerking'.
Pope Francis

Camilla Turner

TO SOME it's self-expression, to others it's the worst form of narcissism.

But in a year when even the Pope posted a 'selfie' it's little wonder that it has been chosen as the word of 2013.

It is in the frame after beating terms such as 'twerk', 'binge-watch' and 'showrooming'.

The selfie – a self-picture – has grown in popularity over recent months as millions of people have posted them online.

One of the most famous selfies this year was the Pope posing with teenagers at the Vatican. The picture went viral on social media and was widely speculated as being the first ever "Papal selfie".

An eyebrow raising selfie was taken by Samantha Cameron's sister on the morning of her wedding day, revealing the British PM napping on a four-poster bed in the background.

A number of spin-off terms are also in circulation, such as helfie (a picture of someone's hair), belfie (a picture of someone's behind), welfie (a picture of someone working out) and drelfie (a drunken selfie).

The shortlist for Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year 2013 included:

* Binge-watch (to watch multiple episodes of a television programme in rapid succession).

* Showrooming (the practice of examining a product at a shop before buying it online at a lower price).

* Twerk (made infamous by Miley Cyrus – dancing in a sexually provocative manner by thrusting hip movements and adopting a low, squatting stance).

Judy Pearsall, editorial director for Oxford said: "Using the Oxford Dictionaries language research programme, we can see a phenomenal upward trend in the use of selfie in 2013, and this helped to cement its selection as Word of the Year."

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