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Israel frees more enemy prisoners

Israel released hundreds of Palestinian prisoners late yesterday, the second and final phase of a swap with Gaza Hamas militants that brought home an Israeli soldier after five years in captivity.

Under the Egypt-brokered deal, Israel agreed to exchange a total of 1,027 prisoners for Sgt. Gilad Schalit, who was captured by Gaza militants in June 2006.

Miracle puppy comes back to life

A puppy named Scamp is back with his family in the US state of Washington after seemingly being killed when he was hit by a car. Reta McKinlay found her grandchildren's puppy bleeding and not breathing.

She told the six-year-old twin grandchildren that Scamp had gone to heaven but later Scamp was found mysteriously sitting up. She has spent $3,000 (€2,300) on vet's bills but Mrs McKinlay says Scamp's return is the family's Christmas present.

MP sacked after Third Reich toast

A Tory MP who attended a stag party where guests dressed as Nazis has been sacked as a Commons aide for "offensive" behaviour.

Aidan Burley had expressed "deep regret" at the "inappropriate" actions of guests, which included toasts to the Third Reich.

Man turns movie date into drive-out

A man stole his date's car while they were at a cinema in Tampa, Florida.

Michael Pratt (27), told her he needed to get something from the car while they were watching the film. She gave him her keys but he did not return. The car was found four days later. He faces grand theft charges.

Thieves dial own arrest warrant

Two men who stole DVDs and computer games discussed their plans to fence the goods in the getaway car -- unaware that police were listening in.

Police in Madison, Wisconsin, listened to them for nearly an hour after one of them had accidentally dialled 911 on his mobile phone, which was in his pocket.

Jackson auction fetches $1m

The contents of the home where Michael Jackson lived with his children just before his death have sold for nearly a million dollars at auction.

The auctionhouse was unable to provide a more specific figure after the day-long auction, which brought in nearly triple the company's pre-auction estimate of $200,000 to $400,000.

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