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Tuesday 21 November 2017

Irish ex-pats suffer as temperatures rocket

Cormac McQuinn

Cormac McQuinn

IRISH workers in Australia are struggling to cope with the searing temperatures.

Fair-skinned Irish workers are adapting, armed with Factor 50 sun cream and air conditioning on full blast, and knocking off work before temperatures hit their peak at lunchtime.

One woman, Aisling Scullion from Co Derry took to the Aussie airwaves to complain: "I'm red-haired, fair skinned with freckles – I'm designed for colder climates."

The young woman staying in the rural Oonadatta area in Southern Australia told ABC radio that the heat was "beyond comprehension" and in another interview said that the ice-cream in her kitchen freezer is melting.

Meanwhile Irish people in Australia's cities are feeling the heat as well.

Melbourne-based Roisin Dunning, from Co Roscommon, told the Irish Independent that her work-place, PJ O'Brien's bar, has brought in extra fans.

She said she was "kind of used to it (the heat) at this stage" and sympathised with her Irish friends who work on farms around the city saying they had to start their working day at 5 or 6am "before the big heat hits".

Meanwhile other Irish ex-pats took to social media to either complain or gloat about the heat.

On Tuesday Dubliner Aislinn O'Toole – living in Syndey – said: "anyone lying on a beach today 100pc needs their head examined."

Irish Independent

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