Monday 23 April 2018

Iraqi forces push IS militants from key northern town

Iraqi security forces stationed outside the city of Shirqat near Mosul, Iraq (AP)
Iraqi security forces stationed outside the city of Shirqat near Mosul, Iraq (AP)

Backed by US-led coalition air strikes and paramilitary forces, Iraqi government troops have pushed Islamic State group militants from a key town north of the Iraqi capital, days after launching an operation to retake it, a military spokesman said.

Recapturing the town of Shirqat posed another blow to IS militants who since late last year have suffered major battlefield losses, shrinking the areas the extremists had controlled in western and northern Iraq since a mid-2014 blitz.

In a televised statement on state TV, the spokesman for the Joint Military Command, Brigadier General Yahya Rasool, declared the town "fully liberated" with its centre under the control of Iraqi forces and the national flag hoisted over nearby government buildings, including the mayor's office and the main hospital.

State TV interrupted its normal programmes with a series of news alerts announcing the operation and broadcasting patriotic songs. Pictures published by the Defence Ministry showed soldiers hoisting the Iraqi flag over buildings, the corpses of alleged militants and jubilant residents waving at Iraqi forces.

The spokesman for the US-led coalition against IS, Colonel John L Dorrian, said that the coalition carried out "a very successful strike that eliminated a significant number of fighters who were trying to flee toward Hawija," to the east of Shirqat, which is under IS control. Col Dorrian could not give specific figures for the number of militants killed.

The head of the Salahuddin provincial council, Ahmed al-Karim, said that government forces control up to 80% of the city, with the militants pushed to rural areas across the Tigris River. Mr Al-Karim added that the operation did not displace people, as residents stayed in their homes.

Shirqat, about 155 miles north-west of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, was among the first areas to fall into IS hands during the militants' summer 2014 offensive. The government forces launched the Shirqat operation on Tuesday.

The town lies near the city of Mosul, which is the IS group's last major urban stronghold in Iraq.

Shirqat is important for Iraqi troops to secure the supply lines to forces stationed in nearby town of Qayara ahead of Mosul operation.

Mosul, Iraq's second-largest city, is located about 225 miles north-west of Baghdad. While the Syrian city of Raqqa is considered the caliphate's de facto capital, Mosul is the largest city under its control. The Iraqi government is now gearing up for a major offensive to retake Mosul from IS. It pledged to recapture the city this year.

Late last month, Iraqi forces retook the town of Qayara, about 45 miles south of Mosul. A string of villages and towns south and south-east of Mosul have also been recaptured as part of an operation launched in March aimed at eventually unseating IS from the city.


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