Tuesday 17 September 2019

In pictures: Hurricane Dorian wreaks devastation in Bahamas

The island nation suffered a terrible blow from the storm.

A man talks on his mobile phone next to a catamaran that was thrown onshore (Ramon Espinosa/AP)
A man talks on his mobile phone next to a catamaran that was thrown onshore (Ramon Espinosa/AP)


Residents of the Bahamas have been assessing the damage after Hurricane Dorian smashed into the country.

Pictures from the islands show the extent of the devastation that has been caused.

Matthew Aylen wades through waist-deep water as he is rescued from his flooded home (Tim Aylen/AP)
A catamaran, thrown onshore by the hurricane, lies stranded near a highway close to Freeport (Ramon Espinosa/AP)
Volunteers walk in the wind and rain through a flooded road as they work to rescue families near the Casuarina bridge in Freeport (Ramon Espinosa/AP)
Julia Aylen carries her pet dog to safety (Tim Aylen/AP)
Small boats were used to help stranded families (Ramon Espinosa/AP)
A family has to walk to safety as roads were left impassable (Ramon Espinosa/AP)
Cars were left submerged in water after the catastrophic storm (Ramon Espinosa/AP)
Families were left devastated after being forced to flee their homes (Ramon Espinosa/AP)
As people in the Bahamas assessed the devastation, residents in the US state of Georgia prepared for the onslaught (Michael Holahan/AP)
Meanwhile, residents in North Carolina boarded up homes as the hurricane approached (Ken Blevins/The Star-News via AP)

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