Monday 23 October 2017

In brief: US boy (8) sells his dad's loaded gun

An eight-year-old boy sold his father's loaded gun to a fellow pupil for $3 (€2.03) at a New York primary school.

His alarmed mother told officials that her child brought the pistol home from the school in Queens.

Drunk thief mows his parents' lawn

A man who was drunk stole a lawnmower from a school and went for a three-mile joyride, during which he mowed his parents' lawn.

Police in Connecticut say 22-year-old Nikolaus Trombley was caught on tape.

Dogs rescued after 50-metre cliff fall

Two golden retrievers survived a 175ft (50-metre) plunge down a cliff to a river bank in a landslide.

Police in Oregon said officers rescued eight-year-old George and 10-year-old Doug after their fall.

Feuding couple built wall in house

A feuding New York couple who built a wall through their house because neither one would give it up have finally been granted a divorce.

A judge had ordered Simon and Chana Taub to build the wall in their terraced home because both had refused to move.

Legendary snooker commentator Ted Lowe, known affectionately to fans as "whispering Ted", has died aged 90.

The veteran commentator worked for the BBC for 50 years and became a key figure in the snooker boom years.

Pop diva Mariah gives birth to twins

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon celebrated their third anniversary with another milestone -- becoming parents to a baby girl and boy.

The singer gave birth to the twins in Los Angeles.

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