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In brief: Two-headed calf born in Georgia

A cow in the ex-Soviet state of Georgia has given birth to a two-headed calf.

Farmer Irakli Dzhgarkava says the cow is refusing to allow her strange offspring to suckle, so they are giving it milk from a bottle. He says the calf eats with both heads.

False name still gets man arrested

A man who had three outstanding warrants for his arrest gave police officers a false name during a traffic stop -- but ended up in custody anyway because that man was also wanted.

Jonothan Ray Gonsalez, of Box Elder, told police that his name was Timothy Michael Koop Jr. The officer learned a man by that name was wanted and arrested him.

Singer Bjork in karaoke fest

Iceland's most famous export, the singer Bjork, is hosting a karaoke marathon in her home town, Reykjavik, in a bid to stop what she says is the sell-off of Iceland's natural resources.

The event is designed to urge Icelanders to sign a petition intended to force a referendum on whether to overturn the sale of Icelandic geothermal company HS Orka to Canadian concern Magma Energy.

Assange signs deal for life story

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has signed a book deal to tell his "fascinating" life story. Edinburgh-based Canongate Books said it had acquired world rights -- apart from North America.

Mr Assange, who is on bail facing extradition proceedings to Sweden on charges of sexual assault, leapt into the limelight with a string of headlines as a result of US cables published on his WikiLeaks website.

'Foolish' Church in queen apology

Charlotte Church has apologised for making unflattering comments about the queen -- and admitted she had been "foolish" to make the "flippant" remarks.

The singer (24) had claimed in an interview that the queen "has no idea what is going on" - and never recognised her despite meeting her repeatedly.

Judge dismisses JK Rowling case

An American judge has dismissed a case alleging that Harry Potter author JK Rowling copied her ideas from another writer.

The claim, made by the estate of author Adrian Jacobs, alleged that the fourth Harry Potter book, 'Goblet Of Fire', was based on his work 'The Adventures Of Willy The Wizard'.

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