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Saturday 14 December 2019

In brief: TV staff get key insight into anger

TV licence fee staff in Britain have been issued with a manual advising that customers who use the words "idiots", "shambles" or "useless" are likely to be making a complaint.

Other indications that a viewer may be unhappy include the phrases, "When will you people listen?" and "Sort yourselves out!"

Pair housed 77 cats in two cars

Two women were cited for animal cruelty in Vermont after police found 77 cats living in two cars.

US prosecutors will consider whether to upgrade the civil citations to criminal charges against Regina Millard (54) and Bertha Ryan (61).

Woman asks law: 'Am I a fugitive?'

Police in the US arrested a woman after she flagged an officer down and asked if there were any warrants out for her arrest.

After the police officer Dan Lyons informed 44-year-old Selma Elmore she did have an outstanding warrant (for failing to pay a fine as a result of a drug conviction), the woman ran off. She was later apprehended in Cincinnati.

Funeral robber urns harsh lesson

A US funeral home owner said his daughter drove off a knife-wielding man during a robbery by throwing empty urns at his head.

Buddy Mayes said the robber demanded money and Teresa Mayes (32) responded by throwing urns. The man got away with some cash, but his daughter was not injured.

Drug scandal 'did Moss a favour'

The boss of Kate Moss's modelling agency has revealed the furore over the beauty's alleged drug use did not harm her fees in any way.

Sarah Doukas admitted that as the Moss cocaine scandal erupted in 2005, she had told clients: "All press is good press."

Eye drops lead to sticky situation

A US woman accidentally glued an eye shut when she mistook superglue for her eye drops.

Irmgard Holm, from Arizona, tried washing it out but the glue sealed her eye closed. Staff at the local hospital cut off the hardened glue and washed her eye out.

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