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In brief: Turn right for God -- and hospital

Two British pensioners landed in hospital in southern Germany after their car's global positioning system directed them to drive into a church.

The navigation system instructed the couple to turn right where there was no road.

JFK ambulance sells for $120,000

A car collector has paid $120,000 (€88,000) at an auction in Arizona for a 1963 ambulance that purportedly carried the body of President John F Kennedy.

Addison Brown bought the gray Pontiac Bonneville despite reports claiming the vehicle being sold was a fake.

Vampires on the prowl says expert

They work by day but lurk as vampires by night, according to a top US scholar on a vampire subculture.

Sociologist DJ Williams, newly hired as a consultant for a proposed documentary about "self-identified vampires", said true modern acolytes of Dracula seek consensual blood-sharing relationships.

Historian altered pardon for credit

The US National Archives said an Abraham Lincoln researcher has confessed to tampering with a presidential pardon of a Civil War military deserter so he could claim credit for finding a document of historical significance.

Thomas P Lowry (78), has acknowledged that he used a pen with special ink to change the date on the pardon.

Activist killer to spend life in jail

A man convicted in the 1975 killing of an American Indian Movement activist in South Dakota, has been sentenced to life in prison without parole, closing a chapter in a probe that has spanned more than three decades.

John Graham, a 55-year-old Southern Tutchone Indian from Canada, is the second person convicted.

Church van driver had no licence

Authorities in New York said an unlicensed driver was at the wheel of a church van in which six people were killed last year.

Bernard Lattibeaudiere was driving with a revoked licence last September when the van with 14 people on board blew a tyre and rolled over.

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