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In brief: Swimming pool is death warmed up

A local authority in England has given the go ahead for a swimming pool to use energy created by the next-door crematorium.

The plan, the first of its kind in Britain, will see waste heat from the incinerator chimney used to warm up the leisure centre and its pool.

Russians have no love of Valentine's

Not everybody in Russia is in love with Valentine's Day.

Authorities in Belgorod province are urging state institutions to refrain from celebrations of the holiday, seen by some conservative Russians as an unhealthy foreign phenomenon.

Law and Miller split once again

'Sherlock Holmes' star Jude Law (38) and 29-year-old Sienna Miller have spilt.

The pair were previously engaged but split in 2005 after he admitted a fling with his children's nanny.

The couple had been back together since late 2009 but parted again in a "mutual and amicable" split a few weeks ago, Law's spokeswoman said.

Fashion world abuzz over Kate

Kate Middleton has dethroned Lady Gaga as the top fashion buzzword. Prince William's fiancee has proved a hit with style watchers after she wore a stunning blue dress on the day her engagement was announced.

Lady Gaga came second in the survey by the Global Language Monitor organisation, of fashion buzzwords in magazines and newspapers and on the web.

Pratchett calls for dementia action

Dementia needs the type of aggressive action seen for tackling HIV in the 1980s, Terry Pratchett said.

The author, an Alzheimer's sufferer, said the world "still doesn't take much notice" of the condition and more funding was needed for research.

Long arm of the law bitten back

A US court has rejected an appeal against a 15-year prison sentence for a man convicted of biting off a police officer's fingertip.

Rafael Pichardo was asked to leave a nightclub in Atlantic City. While resisting arrest, she bit officer Dean Dooley, severing the top of his gloved left index finger.

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