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Thursday 18 January 2018

In brief: Surprise finding. . . women overpack

Women pack loads of clothes for a two-week sunshine holiday but end up wearing just over half the items, according to a survey.

On average, women take 18 tops, 12 pairs of shorts or skirts, and six bikinis on a fortnight abroad, the poll by Co-operative Insurance found.

Forklift drops e760,000 of wine

An unsteady forklift dropped a US-bound container full of fine Australian wine worth more than e760,000, smashing most of the bottles.

Australian winemaker Sparky Marquis of Mollydooker Wines lost a third of its Velvet Glove Shiraz production in the accident.

US couple see Christ on receipt

A couple in South Carolina claim they can see the face of Christ in a receipt from a Walmart store.

Jacob Simmons and fiancee Gentry Lee Sutherland said the dark grey mark on their receipt resembled the face of Jesus.

Cyclist bearing up after shock attack

Cycling to work has its risks, but John Hearn was shocked to be knocked off his bike by a black bear.

Mr Hearn, from Panama City, Florida, said the large bear smacked him off his bicycle and then fled into some nearby woods.

Cross-shaped 9/11 beam is now relic

A cross-shaped steel beam found amid the 9/11 wreckage is now a religious relic.

The two-tonne, 20ft-high T-beam is part of the exhibit at the National September 11 Memorial & Museum.

Six cartel gunmen killed in Mexico

Six suspected cartel gunmen were killed in an overnight clash with soldiers in central Mexico.

The gun battle took place in Ayotlan, Jalisco. The gunmen are said to be members of the Zetas drug gang.

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