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In brief: Strip club makes €465,000 payout

A man in the US has won $650,000 (€465,000) after a dancer's platform shoe shattered his eye socket at a strip club.

The dancer at the Cheetah club in Palm Beach, Florida, claimed she was walking on the bar, felt someone touch her and swung around. Her metal heel went into Michael Ireland's eye socket and shattered it, requiring extensive surgery.

Man marries two women at once

A 23-year-old Pakistani man has married two women at the same time.

Azhar Haidri initially refused to marry 28-year-old Humaira Qasim -- the woman to whom he had been engaged since childhood -- because he wanted to marry the woman with whom he had fallen in love with, 21-year-old Rumana Aslam. But the decision threatened to split his family apart so he came up with this alternative approach.

Big chocolate bar sets new record

The world's largest bar of chocolate has been created in Armenia. Called Grand Candy, it measured more than five metres long and weighed in at 410kg.

The bar gave Armenia its first Guinness world record and led to a huge celebration. The previous record was held by Italy. Afterwards, the chocolate was cut into pieces and shared out among the public.

Pirates attack fishing boat

Somali pirates have hijacked a South Korean-operated fishing boat with 43 sailors on board.

Two South Korean, two Chinese and 39 Kenyans were aboard the 241-ton Kenya-registered trawler when it was attacked in the waters off Kenya's Lamu Island.

Drug addict paid to have the snip

A drug addict has become the first man in Britain to take part in a controversial project which saw him get cash to be sterilised.

The 38-year-old, who wishes to be known only as John, was given £200 (€228) in exchange for a vasectomy.

Father of fractal geometry dies

Benoit Mandelbrot, the Polish-born mathematician has died at his home in Cambridge, Massachusetts, aged 85, of cancer. He is most famous for his work on fractals and rough geometric features.

The scientist got the idea for his Mandelbrot set while considering how to measure the British coastline, which becomes ever longer as you look at it in closer detail.

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