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In brief: School rewarded for firing teachers

A US school district that fired all the teachers at an underperforming high school has been awarded $1.3m (€1m) to continue its reform process.

President Barack Obama appeared to endorse the firings at Central Falls High School in Rhode Island, saying drastic action may be warranted when schools show no signs of improvement.

Church criticised for her queen rant

Girls Aloud star Kimberley Walsh has hit out at Charlotte Church for making unflattering comments about the queen.

Church (24) said in a recent interview that the queen was "an old woman and has no idea what's going on" before later apologising. Walsh (29) said: "I'm not a mad royalist, but that is disrespectful of someone she has met."

Scary Spice falls out with family

Former Spice Girl Mel B has not spoken to members of her family for two years, her sister has claimed. Danielle Brown said she checks her older sister is okay by following her on Twitter.

The 30-year-old, who recently had a second baby, said she had not heard from Scary Spice, who lives in Los Angeles, since having a difference of opinion about Mel B's film producer husband, Stephen Belafonte.

EasyJet 'sorry' for overloading plane

EasyJet has apologised after 30 passengers were ordered off a plane which had been loaded with too much fuel to take off.

The no-frills carrier said it was compensating a total of 37 passengers who were unable to fly from Birmingham to Geneva.

Walk in the park is no tiger's tail

German police have told an employee of a Russian circus group that he can take his tigers for walks as long as the authorities are notified in advance.

The 30-year-old man caused a stir in the northern German village of Ratzeburg when a woman called police to report a man walking a tiger cub outside of town.

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