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In brief: Relax, world will not end next year

If you are worried the world will end next year based on the Mayan calendar, relax, the end of time is still far off.

So say Mayan experts who want to dispel any belief that the ancient Mayans predicted a world apocalypse next year.

Massive WW2 bomb defused

A massive British World War Two-era bomb that triggered the evacuation of about half of the 107,000 residents of Germany's western city of Koblenz was successfully defused yesterday, authorities said.

It was one of Germany's biggest bomb-related evacuations since the war ended. Experts successfully defused the 1.8-tonne bomb.

Sienna secures Hitchcock role

Sienna Miller will play Alfred Hitchcock's obsession, actress Tippi Hedren, in a harrowing drama.

'The Girl', to screen on BBC Two next year, details the famous director sexually harassing and intimidating Ms Hedren as the last "Hitchcock blonde". British actor Toby Jones will play Mr Hitchcock.

Zambia dismisses call to arrest Bush

Zambia has dismissed Amnesty International's call for the arrest on torture charges of former US President George W Bush, who has been touring Africa to raise awareness about cervical and breast cancer.

Foreign Affairs Minister Chishimba Kambwili said Zambia would only have considered the request if it had come from the International Criminal Court.

Slut Walk protest held in Singapore

Hundreds of Singaporeans have gathered at a park to protest at sexual violence against women as part of the global Slut Walk movement.

Organiser Vanessa Ho said yesterday's event sought to raise awareness against victim-blaming in rape cases.

Fishermen held over turtle catch

Six Chinese fishermen have been arrested in western Philippine waters for catching endangered sea turtles.

The fishermen, from China's southern island province of Hainan, face up to 20 years in prison for violating the fisheries code if convicted.

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