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In brief: Man to sue after jail rat bites penis

A New York judge has allowed a man to proceed with a lawsuit claiming a rodent bit him on the penis while in jail.

Peter Solomon claims officials did not take adequate steps to ensure the safety of inmates. He was jailed on a charge of threatening his wife.

Prisoners get new beds to brown off

A centuries-old Russian prison will soon offer inmates a new perk -- tanning beds.

The tanning beds at Moscow's Butyrskaya prison are meant to compensate for inadequate sunlight in the cells.

Charity gifts plan for royal wedding

Prince William and Kate Middleton are weighing up whether to ask wedding guests to donate to charity rather than buy them gifts.

The young couple are busy finalising details for their big day on Friday April 29.

Gabor loses right leg to save her life

Doctors are keeping a close watch on Zsa Zsa Gabor who is recovering from surgery to amputate her right leg.

Doctors said the surgery was necessary to save her life.

Vacuum cleaner stuffed with drugs

A US woman got more than she expected when she opened a vacuum she got as a Christmas present.

Inside was crystal methamphetamine and cocaine worth around €235,000. Police think the drugs were part of a failed smuggling operation.

'Baker Street' sax player out of tune

The musician who played the saxophone melody on the late Gerry Rafferty's famous hit 'Baker Street' has revealed it was out of tune.

Raphael Ravenscroft admitted he was "gutted" when he first heard the riff.

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