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In brief: Man provokes lover to shoot him

A man's tongue-in-cheek death-wish turned tragically real.

The Florida man in the middle of a heated argument dared his girlfriend to "go ahead and shoot me" -- and she did. Robert Lee Gilbert (57) was shot in the face and died after taunting his girlfriend to pull the trigger on her antique gun as they argued. She faces manslaughter charges.

Footie boss facing death threats

The president of a struggling football team whose second-in-command was killed has also received threats apparently related to the club's poor performance, Guatemalan police said.

Police in the northern province of Huehuetenango say Xinabajul club president Mauro Rodriguez reported receiving threats -- as did vice president Carlos Noe Gomez, who was ambushed and shot dead by two men on Friday as he left a team meeting.

Earthquake hits Russian coast

A magnitude-6.2 earthquake rattled the east coast of Russia near the Kamchatka Peninsula, the US Geological Survey reported.

There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries, and no tsunami alert was issued.

Japan calls for PM to step down

Nearly 50pc of of people responding to a newspaper poll have called for the resignation of Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan.

In the survey by the 'Asahi Daily', 49pc said Mr Kan should step down immediately.

Museveni to reign again in Uganda

Uganda's long-time president Yoweri Museveni won another term in office, the country's election commission said, but the top opposition leader rejected the result, claiming the election was fraudulent.

The electoral commission said ex-rebel commander Museveni, who seized power at the head of a guerrilla army in 1986, won 68pc of votes in Friday's poll, allowing him to extend his 25-year reign.

Teachers in 'sex video' face sack

A married teacher and his classroom assistant are facing the sack over an alleged sex film found on a school computer.

The teachers, Tim Edwards and Angela Thornhill, have been suspended from their jobs at Addington High School in Croydon, south London, while an investigation is carried out, a source said.

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