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In brief: Live Chilean mine rescue 'edited'

The "live" televised rescue of the 33 trapped miners in Chile, was edited to disguise dangerous problems, a new book has claimed.

The authorities covered up the fact that the rescue shaft had been destabilised and a rockfall had cut a cable between the surface and the chamber.

'Geezer bandit' on run is not that old

A legion of fans "like" him on Facebook, humorous T-shirts depict him, and many are wishing him continued success at evading the law.

But the FBI says there is nothing light hearted about the "Geezer Bandit". He is suspected of robbing 13 banks since 2009. Witnesses estimated him to be 60 to 70 years old but authorities say the robber could actually be using a life-like mask.

'Head camera' may cause illness

A New York University professor says the tiny camera inserted into the back of his head for a yearlong art project has been temporarily removed due to a risk of infection.

In the meantime, Wafaa Bilal says he will wear it around his neck. The camera beams images to a website and a Persian Gulf museum.

Leona Lewis hit tops love playlist

A chart-topping track by Leona Lewis is the UK's most played "love" song, according to figures compiled by airplay royalties body PPL.

Her 2007 single 'Bleeding Love' tops a list of recordings played in public, including radio and shops, featuring the word love in the title.

New site is answer to all questions

Computer wizards say they have used cutting-edge technology to create a smart alec website.

The "trueknowledge.com" site is an internet "answer engine". Co-founder William Tunstall-Pedoe says the website is a "phone-a-friend" on the internet.

Danish ship frees hijacked vessel

Nato says that a Danish warship has freed a hijacked fishing vessel and arrested 16 suspected Somali pirates.

Nato said there were two Yemeni hostages onboard. The original fishing crew of nine had been held for a year but most had been released.

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