Wednesday 17 January 2018

In brief: Killer sues state for saving his life

A convicted murderer is suing the US state of Colorado for saving his life after his heart stopped beating.

Daniel Self says he suffers from sleep apnoea and had ordered prison guards not to resuscitate him if he stopped breathing. The 54-year-old alleges in a lawsuit that officials were deliberately indifferent to his right to refuse medical treatment when he stopped breathing in 2009.

Boy (14) accused of working as hitman

A Mexican court has begun a closed-door trial of a 14-year-old American boy accused of working as a hitman for a drug cartel.

The boy, who is accused of four murders, has been identified only as Edgar, born in San Diego, California, and raised in Mexico by a grandmother.

FBI arrest 14 over attack on PayPal

FOURTEEN individuals were arrested by the FBI on allegations of being involved in an attack on EBay Inc's PayPal website, the US Justice Department said in an emailed statement.

The attack was claimed by the group 'Anonymous'. Two other people were held on cyber-related charges, according to the statement.

Church holds Anthony 'retrial'

A church service in Ohio has included a mock retrial of Casey Anthony, the Florida woman found not guilty of killing her two-year-old daughter.

The exercise at the In Touch With Christ Christian Centre in Cleveland was led by Rev Una Keenon, a retired judge. The 12-member church jury was hung, with eight voting Anthony guilty and four voting not guilty.

Mock arrest leads to real arrest

Two men who wanted to stage photos of an arrest locked themselves inside a Pennsylvania constable's van and ended up getting arrested for real.

Ryan Letchford (21), and 22-year-old Jeffrey Olson were arrested at the weekend when they left a party and allegedly got into the van so they could take photos of themselves pretending to be arrested.

Watson planning return to Brown

'Harry Potter' star Emma Watson (21), above, says she plans to return to Brown University to complete her degree.

The British actress who plays Hermione Granger in the 'Harry Potter' series said that she remains enrolled at Brown, even though she'll study at England's Oxford University in the autumn. She says she intends to return in 2012 to complete her studies at the Ivy League school.

Rabbi surrenders in kidnap probe

A rabbi and his wife accused of abducting, beating and threatening to bury an Israeli man alive unless he agreed to a religious divorce have surrendered to the FBI.

The case against David Wax (49) and his wife Judy (47), of Lakewood, New Jersey, is the latest in a chain of events that started with a divorce dispute in Israel's Rabbinical Court.

Bid to extradite actor Quaid fails

A California prosecutor says US officials have rejected a request to seek the extradition of actor Randy Quaid and his wife from Canada to face felony vandalism charges.

District Attorney Lee Carter says the US State Department notified him last week that it would not pursue extradition. The Quaids were arrested in September and accused of causing $5,000 (€3,536) in damage to a home they once owned.

Boy calls 999 over Xbox punishment

A 13-year-old boy dialled 999 after his parents told him off for playing on his Xbox console at 11pm.

Police in Durham, UK, released a transcript of a call-handler ringing back the household to ask if there was a real emergency, to which the apologetic father replied: "It was my son. He rang 999 because we were telling him off for being naughty. I took him off his Xbox. It was 11pm and it was time for him to go to bed."

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