Sunday 21 January 2018

In brief: Iran set to fire up nuclear reactor

IRANIAN and Russian nuclear technicians have made final preparations to start up Iran's first reactor today. Nationwide celebrations are planned for the fuel loading at the Bushehr facility.

Russia has pledged to safeguard the plant and prevent spent nuclear fuel from being shifted to a possible weapons programme. The West has not sought to block the reactor start-up as part of its confrontations over Iran's nuclear agenda, which has resulted in repeated rounds of UN sanctions against Tehran.

Caretaker dies after bear attack

A BEAR fatally mauled its caretaker on the property of a man who had previously offered people the chance to wrestle bears. Sam Mazzola's licence to show animals had been revoked, but he was still allowed to keep them on his Cleveland property, which housed several bears, 20 wolves, tigers and lions.

The 24-year-old caretaker, Brent Kandra, died yesterday morning after being taken to hospital by medical helicopter following the Thursday evening attack in Columbia Township.

Material Girl sued over fashion line

MADONNA has been hit with a lawsuit over her new 'Material Girl' fashion line for teenagers. A California clothing company, LA Triumph, says it has been using the name since 1997.

The singer teamed up with her 13 year-old daughter Lourdes to design the 1980s-inspired clothing line, which borrows from the pop star's punk-girl style when she rose to fame in the 1980s and earned her the moniker 'material girl'.

Sarkozy continues Roma expulsions

MORE than 100 Roma were put on a charter flight headed to their native Romania yesterday -- the second day in a row that France has expelled Roma in a controversial government crackdown.

President Nicolas Sarkozy announced the crackdown on Roma in late July as part of a larger "war" on delinquency. It has been criticised as discriminatory because it singles out a particular community.

Women-only train carriages opened

A COMMUTER train with two women-only carriages received an enthusiastic welcome yesterday after the service was launched in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta.

The state-run train operator decided to set aside two cars in an eight-coach commuter train running between the capital and suburbs after being flooded by letters of complaint from women, alleging that they had been sexually harrassed or "touched up" by male passengers. The initiative may yet be expanded to other routes.

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