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In brief: Hungry young boy takes mother's car

A SIX-YEAR-OLD boy crashed his mother's car after driving from his Oregan home to buy food because he was hungry.

The boy crashed into several postboxes and then hit a pick-up truck. Police in the US said he escaped unhurt.

Scientists swear by pain reliever

Swearing after injury may be good for your health, new research suggests.

Scientists from Keele University in the UK, found that letting forth a volley of foul language can have a "pain-lessening effect".

School tackles obesity problems

Schools in Malaysia are to add an assessment of pupils' weight to their report cards.

Health workers want parents to act if the reports show their children should watch their diet.

Extra hour in bed for air controllers

US air traffic controllers are to get an extra hour off between shifts in an attempt to stop them falling asleep at work.

However, transport officials have rejected a proposition which would allow them to take naps during their shifts.

Lawyers enjoy extra wiggle room

A judge in The Hague has asked lawyers to discard their wigs at the Netherlands-based International Criminal Court.

Following a court sitting Justice Ekaterina Trendafilova said: "In this quite warm weather maybe it will be more convenient to be without wigs."

Old Clinton home commemorated

Former US President Bill Clinton's childhood home in Arkansas has been declared a national historical site.

Mr Clinton was born in Hope's Julia Chester Hospital in 1946 and lived there for the first four years of his life.

Beatle picks best of wife's pictures

Sir Paul McCartney has picked some of his favourite photographs taken by his late wife Linda for a new book.

The former Beatle and his children, including fashion designer Stella, helped to select pictures for the book, which is described as a "lasting testament" to Linda.

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