Friday 20 April 2018

In brief: Harry Potter accuser must pay

A man who claims that one of J K Rowling's Harry Potter books was lifted from another work has lost his appeal against an order that he should pay £1.5m (€1.71m) into court as security for costs in his forthcoming copyright action.

Paul Allen, trustee of the estate of Adrian Jacobs, who died in 1997, alleges that the fourth in the series -- 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire' -- was plagiarised from Mr Jacobs's book, 'Willy the Wizard'.

Sisters visited stranger's grave

American sisters Evelyn and Hortense Edwards spent two decades visiting what they thought was their mother's grave only to discover it contained the remains of a stranger.

They are seeking $25m (€17.6m) in damages from the Rosehill Cemetery in Linden, New Jersey, for emotional distress caused when they learned that their mother had been buried in the wrong plot.

Wireless hacker jailed for framing

A man has been jailed for 18 years for hacking into his neighbours' wireless network and framing them for distributing child pornography and email threats against US vice president Joe Biden.

Barry Ardolf, from Minnesota, admitted using the hacked network to send sexually explicit emails to his neighbours' co-workers.

Songwriter in girlfriend assault

When a woman complained that her songwriter boyfriend had never written a song about her, he allegedly choked her and hit her in the face.

Police in Pennsylvania say 29-year-old Jason Banks attacked his girlfriend after she pointed out he had written songs about other women.

Football rulebook nets almost £1m

A slim pamphlet containing the earliest rules of football has sold for almost £900,000 (€1.03m) at auction.

The printed 1859 rulebook, prepared for "Sheffield Foot-Ball Club", is the only surviving copy and was accompanied by a handwritten draft of the regulations.

Chimps have an image problem

Chimpanzees are badly misunderstood because of the way they are portrayed as funny or entertaining, say researchers.

Chimps have a long history in films and TV adverts, such as the famous series promoting PG Tips tea.

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