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In brief: Grape incurs wrath of teacher

A teacher has won £200,000 (€226,007) in compensation from the British government after slipping on a grape left on a stairwell.

He received the six-figure sum because the injury aggravated an existing hernia problem, leaving him unable to work.

'Brookside' star on murder charge

Former 'Brookside' soap star Brian Regan will appear before Liverpool Crown Court on Monday, charged with murdering a nightclub doorman.

Regan (53), who played Terry Sullivan in the Channel 4 soap for 14 years, is accused with two others of the murder of Bahman Faraji. Mr Faraji (44) was gunned down in Liverpool, on February 24.

Strippers hired for college seminar

A US university is investigating claims that a professor hired strippers for a seminar on business ethics.

Student Brad Bernardino, of La Salle University in Philadelphia, said one dancer gave a lap dance to assistant management professor Jack Rappaport. The seminar ended abruptly after the business school's dean showed up.

Man sets fire to himself in court

A man died after setting himself on fire in a Siberian courthouse yesterday, and a court official was also killed when the blaze engulfed the building.

Five other people were injured in the incident in the town of Irbeiskoye. The man set himself ablaze just before the court was to hear his appeal on a driving ban.

Collins to return as soap landlady

Former EastEnder Michelle Collins is taking on one of the biggest jobs in soap -- as the new landlady at the Rovers Return in 'Coronation Street'.

Collins, who played Cindy Beale in the BBC1 soap, will appear in the ITV1 show as the pub's new boss, Stella, in June with her on-screen husband played by John Michie.

Jail smugglers get more creative

Veteran officials at a New Jersey jail thought they had seen it all when it came to smuggling drugs into prisons.

They got suspicious when an inmate was sent a child's colouring book -- the drawings were actually made from a paste containing drugs. Officials say drug-smuggling techniques range from old tricks like packing cocaine in suitcases to disguising drugs as freeze-dried coffee.

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