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In Brief: Goldfish fried by a woman scorned

A woman angry with her ex-boyfriend fried their pet goldfish and ate them in revenge.

Police in Pasadena, Texas, say it is a civil matter and no charges will be filed. The seven goldfish were bought by the couple in happier times.

Pensioner makes €1.4m for old cash

Rare Australian banknotes found hidden under the lining paper of a chest of drawers have fetched more than Aus$1.9m (€1.14m) at auction.

The six notes were found lying undisturbed and in mint condition and were identified as a series of 1913 Commonwealth of Australia banknotes. The owner, who is in his 80s, wants to remain anonymous.

Council gives sex guide to over-50s

Town Hall bosses are to unveil their latest initiative for taxpayers -- a sex guide for the over-50s.

Older people in Manchester, many of them grandparents, will get dating and bedroom tips thanks to the illustrated booklet, running to more than 40 pages, from bureaucrats at the city council.

Woman hurt by 'exploding toilet'

A woman is suing the owners of an office building claiming a lavatory exploded when she sat on it, hurling her out of the cubicle.

Nikita Fulton (29) says she injured her spine in the accident in Philadelphia. Her lawsuit says the toilet exploded because of "excess water pressure".

Bishop wanted on child porn charge

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Police have issued a warrant for the arrest, on child porn charges, of a Catholic bishop who oversaw his Canadian diocese's settlement with abuse victims.

Bishop Raymond Lahey (69) had his computer seized after a random search at Ottawa's airport on September 15, Ottawa police said. Lahey resigned as bishop last weekend.

Clampdown on marijuana farms

Marijuana farms have become so widespread in San Francisco's middle-class Sunset neighbourhood, the city's new police chief has appealed to the public for tips to help shut down the operations.

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