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Wednesday 21 March 2018

In brief: Glue keeps sticky fingers off cash

Super-adhesive glue is the latest weapon being used to foil robbers trying to get their sticky fingers on wads of cash.

Several firms have begun using a novel device which injects glue into cash boxes if they are snatched from security officers transporting money. The special formula quickly seeps into the packed notes, sealing them together and transforming the haul into a completely worthless brick of paper.

Possum tossing under fire in NZ

The forces of political correctness are trying to end a beloved childhood tradition in New Zealand -- possum tossing.

A school was criticised after a video surfaced of a possum-throwing contest in which students were seen throwing carcasses as far as they could. School officials said they saw nothing wrong with throwing a few around.

Bank-robber mum still picked up kids

SHE might be a bank robber -- but one woman proved she was still a good mother.

An Oregon woman allegedly raided an Umpqua Bank branch and made her getaway in a car with a male accomplice. But she made him stop at her daughters' school and pick up the two girls on their way home, police said. The suspects were soon arrested.

Blackburn returns to pop chart show

Veteran DJ Tony Blackburn (67) is to return to BBC chart countdowns -- nearly three decades after leaving Radio 1's chart show.

The presenter is to join Radio 2 to host 'Pick Of The Pops', replacing Dale Winton who has fronted the show since 2000. Winton is leaving due to "other commitments", the BBC said.

Political foes steal father's skull

Foes of a small-town mayor in Peru have dug up the skull of his late father and refuse to give it back unless he drops out of next month's election.

Police in San Cristobal say unknown thieves unearthed the remains of Juan Vizcarra Quispe, who died in 1978. His bones were found strewn about the cemetery, but his skull is missing. Mayor Rogelio Vizcarra says he received a text message offering to return the skull if he withdraws his bid for re-election on October 3 -- but he still plans to run.

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