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In brief: Girl-killer crocodile shot after tragedy

A SEVEN-YEAR-OLD girl is believed to have been killed by a crocodile after remains were found in the belly of a nine-foot creature shot in northern Australia.

The girl, from a remote Aboriginal community, was seen being dragged under the water by a crocodile while swimming with friends at a natural waterhole. Authorities shot the suspected crocodile a day after the girl disappeared.

No lawsuit review for TV's Sheridan

The California Supreme Court has declined to review Nicollette Sheridan's lawsuit over the demise of her role on 'Desperate Housewives'.

The state's high court said on Friday it would deny an appeal by the actress in her wrongful termination case against the ABC network and Touchstone Television. Ms Sheridan said she was fired because she claimed she was hit in the head by series creator Marc Cherry. ABC attorneys claimed her contract simply was not renewed.

Court battle over US nativity scene

The city of Santa Monica has allowed an elaborate nativity scene in its Palisades Park each Christmas for nearly 60 years, but officials are ending the tradition this year after an atheist set up his own non-religious display and caused an uproar.

Now, the churches behind the nativity are suing. A court hearing tomorrow could decide the fate of the Christian tableau. The churches want a judge to block the city's ban until the case is resolved.

Ban on nudity in San Francisco

SAN Francisco may be getting ready to shed its image as a city where anything goes, including clothing. City lawmakers are scheduled to vote tomorrow on an ordinance that would prohibit nudity in most public places.

The ban that represents an escalation of a row between a group of men who strut their stuff through the city's gay Castro District and the supervisor of the area..

Prosecutor lied about porno past

A PROSECUTOR in New York will not resign after he admitted he acted in pornographic movies in the 1970s then lied when questioned about it during his second campaign.

Mark Suben, the district attorney in Cortland County since 2008, held a news conference to say he had lied about his past. He apologised for his actions and said he used "bad judgment" by acting in porn and lying about it.

Murder ruling in barrel-bodies case

A CORONER has ruled that homicide is the cause of death of two people whose bodies were found stuffed in barrels in a South Carolina lake.

Anderson County Coroner Greg Shore did not release exactly how 37-year-old Andrea Mitchell and 52-year-old Tony McGinnis died. Ms Mitchell's body was found in a plastic barrel that was partially submerged in Lake Hartwell. However deputies later returned to the lake where they discoverd Mr McGinnis' dismembered body in a metal barrel about 10ft below the surface of the water.

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