Monday 23 October 2017

In brief: Exotic spider shock

Workers opening a crate of tyres were shocked when they found it was full of dangerous black widow spiders.

The spiders had been breeding in a crate which had been sent from Arizona in the US to Norfolk, England. "It is not something you expect to see, especially in the outback of Norfolk," said Mark Cook of Fendercare Marine.

Never too old to rock

Switzerland is putting its faith in the Salvation Army, whose guitarist is 94 years old, to win the Eurovision Song Contest next year.

The Christian missionary group's rock tune was chosen out of five finalists.

Emu jogging partner

A man in the US picked up an unusual jogging partner when an emu began following him.

Animal-control officers said they received a call when the flightless bird showed up alongside the jogger in Virginia. The bird was returned to its owner.

Stiff drink for jumbos

A circus claims it used vodka to save two elephants from the deadly Siberian cold. The elephants had to be moved outside when their trailer caught fire outside Novosibirsk.

Trainer Leonid Labo gave them 2.6 gallons of vodka diluted in warm water and saved them from frostbite and pneumonia.

New Kim hits space

North Korea's top leadership is calling the successful launch of a satellite proof that Kim Jong Un has the strength to lead the country one year after his father's death.

North Korea sent a long-range rocket into space in Kim Jong Il's honour, defying warnings that the launch would be considered a banned missile test.

Freeman stays calm

Martin Freeman has said that he did not feel stressed in tackling the iconic role of Bilbo Baggins in 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey'. The 'Sherlock' star plays the titular hobbit in the 'Lord Of The Rings' prequel.

"I didn't feel Bilbo pressure but I felt the pressure that I always feel in that I want to be good," he said.

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