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In brief: Escaped snake found on subway

Transit officials say a three-foot-long boa constrictor that slithered away from its owner on a Boston subway car a month ago was found on an adjoining car yesterday.

A commuter spotted Penelope the snake and alerted a train attendant. The snake was captured and reunited with her owner, 30-year-old Melissa Moorhouse.

Pointing lasers at plane to be a crime

Pointing hand-held lasers at aircraft, a growing problem that could lead to a crash, will become a crime punishable by up to five years in prison under legislation approved by the US Senate.

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, who sponsored the amendment, said he was responding to a surge in cases where people had pointed lasers capable of temporarily blinding pilots at aircraft.

Soderbergh sued for child support

An Australian woman claims Oscar-winning film-maker Steven Soderbergh fathered her baby daughter and is suing for child support.

Frances Lawrencina Anderson's paternity suit says the 'Ocean's Eleven' director helped with her medical expenses and a DNA test showed he was the father.

Parrots use left feet most often

Parrots, like humans, use one side of their body more than the other, with more of them left-handed -- or, more precisely, left-footed.

Some species even try out both before deciding on one side.

British watchdog bans perfume ad

Britain's advertising watchdog has banned an Yves St Laurent perfume advert, showing a woman appearing to simulate injecting drugs.

A total of 13 viewers complained about the ad for Belle D'Opium, which shows a woman pointing to her elbow and running her finger along the inside of her forearm.

Sheen hopeful of returning to work

Actor Charlie Sheen hopes to finish rehab and return to the set of TV show 'Two and A Half Men' by the end of the month, his spokesman said yesterday.

Sheen (45) went into rehab after a reported 36-hour party.

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