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In brief: Council scraps 'kiss and tell' plan

An English local authority has dumped a proposed 'kiss-and-tell' personnel policy after criticism from unions.

Bosses at Fenland District Council had put forward the scheme under which "intimate behaviour during work time" could have been classed as gross misconduct.

Monks' records to aid climate fight

Ancient weather records, including details from monks' diaries, are helping scientists work out how and why climates have changed over the past 500 years.

Experts say their findings will lead to more accurate predictions of climate change.

Mugged musician gets clarinet back

A CLASSICAL musician who was mugged on his way home from a concert has been reunited with two clarinets worth £6,000 (€7,100).

Police officers arrested two people after a tip-off from a pawn shop. Musician William Stafford (25) was "forcibly searched" by three men in London on December 29.

'Wizard' jailed in $25m genie scam

A self-professed African wizard who claimed he could make millions of dollars rain from the sky in exchange for a payment to genies has been jailed for three years in Dubai.

An undercover police officer testified that the man began a ceremony and asked for a "tip" of 200 dirham (€40) for genies to shower down $25m last year.

Pair charged over 'starving' animals

A US mother and daughter have been charged with animal cruelty after officials rescued 13 starving dogs and two cats from their home, which was littered with the carcasses of over two dozen dead animals.

Faith Ross (54) and Francesca Maselli (24) have pleaded not guilty.

Dad haunted by spy's life sentence

The 94-year-old father of an ex-US Navy analyst convicted of spying for Israel said he can not sleep at night because of his son's life prison sentence.

Morris Pollard said the 1987 sentence of his son Jonathan is "such an overwhelming miscarriage of justice" that he keeps "waking up fighting with people" in his imagination.

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