Monday 16 September 2019

In Brief: Chavez book gift now a bestseller

A book that the Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez presented to US President Barack Obama has become a bestseller in just two days.

The book, 'Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent', by Eduardo Galeano, was ranked 54,295 on the sales charts of Now, it has risen to number two.

Gunman in plane hijack captured

A gunman who hijacked a plane in Jamaica was captured after an eight-hour stand-off yesterday.

A police spokeswoman said they had disarmed the man, whom they described as "mentally challenged". The 20-year-old Jamaican seized the Canadian CanJet Airlines Boeing 737 at Montego Bay. He released all the passengers and two crew members, but six other crew were held.

Woman made tea after shot to head

A mississippi woman who was shot in the head not only survived, but made herself tea and offered a police officer something to drink.

Tammy Sexton (47) was wounded by her husband, who later killed himself. A bullet struck her squarely in the forehead and exited the back of her head. She is expected to fully recover.

In-debt builder kidnaps banker

A Spanish builder deep in debt kidnapped his bank manager at gunpoint and demanded a €56,000 ransom.

The man abducted the manager in Malaga. The banker persuaded him to let him call a colleague but he told him, in code, that he had been kidnapped and police tracked them down.

Fake waiter steals $186 from diners

A US man posing as a waiter collected $186 (€144) from diners at two restaurants and walked out with the money.

Police said he approached two women at a Hoboken, New Jersey, restaurant on Thursday night. He asked if they needed anything else before paying. They said no and handed him cash. Two hours later he pulled the same trick in another restaurant.

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