Tuesday 12 December 2017

In brief: Breast milk an 'Icecreamist' treat

A specialist ice cream parlour plans to serve up breast milk ice cream and says people should think of it as an organic, free-range treat. The breast milk concoction, called the 'Baby Gaga', will be available at the Icecreamists restaurant in London's Covent Garden.

Handcuffed man stole police car

A 19-year-old Nevada man arrested for burglary managed to drive off in a police car, despite wearing handcuffs, only to be nabbed on foot a few hours later.

The man had been apprehended on suspicion of attempting to break into a nearby home.

Brandy reduced in bid to boost spirits

Bulgaria's government is seeking to boost spirits in the recession-hit Balkan country by cutting the price of its favourite brandy.

The cabinet said it would apply to register grape rakia -- a potent fruit liquor considered the national drink -- as a traditional product in the European Union which will allow it to cut excise duties.

Surf contest fails to make waves

An epic US surfing contest that in the past featured athletes riding huge waves is washing out this year, due to a lack of big surf.

The Jay, at Maverick's Big Wave Surfing Invitational, near scenic Half Moon Bay in California, often attracts some of the surfing world's top talent. But the competition can only be held if the right weather conditions produce giant swells.

Couple reunited with their children

A CaliforniaN couple has been reunited with their two young children, more than eight months after losing custody of them when naked pictures of the youngsters were found on the father's laptop.

The father and his wife , who were arrested last June on suspicion of child pornography and related charges, are now planning to sue the child welfare agency.

Mayor's bicycle policy backfires

Seattle's bicycling mayor has had some explaining to do -- principally to his wife about why her bike got stolen after he borrowed it to ride to work.

Mayor Mike McGinn sent a message on Twitter about the loss of Peggy Lynch's wheels. He said in a tweet: "I know I've been encouraging people to ride bikes more, but I didn't mean u could 'borrow' my wife's bike w/o asking."

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