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Saturday 16 December 2017

In brief: 'Badvent calendar' scrapped

A police force has had to rename its festive crimefighting calendar after complaints that its original title was "in poor taste".

Nottinghamshire Police launched the Badvent Calendar at the start of the month. Each day a picture and details of a person wanted by police is revealed with a chocolate. But after criticisms that the name was inappropriate it was renamed as the Festive Crime calendar.


A New Jersey man woke after a night's sleep to discover a knife stuck in his back.

Police in Trenton said the 42-year-old did not know why his back was hurting when he got up and asked his brother to take a look. The brother found the knife protruding from the middle of his back. Officers said he had been involved in a fight on his porch after a night of drinking and did not realise he had been stabbed.


Oklahoma politicians are seeking to ease public concern over a plan by a group of satanists to erect a monument at the state Capitol.

The Satanic Temple wrote to the Oklahoma Capitol Preservation Commission over plans to donate a homage to Satan and have it placed near a 10 Commandments monument. Politicians described the plan as a "political stunt".


A man flying to California woke up on a dark, empty plane parked at Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston after sleeping through the call to exit the aircraft, officials said.

Tom Wagner was supposed to leave the plane in Houston and board a flight to California. Instead, he found himself locked inside the ExpressJet plane.


Americans ranked the 'Inattentive Parent' as the most annoying type of air traveller, defeating the 'Rear Seat Kicker,' 'The Aromatic Passenger' and 'The Boozer,' according to a list by online travel agent

The list, compiled by Northstar, ranked the personal annoyances of 1,001 Americans who had flown in the past five years.


The wreck of a wooden steam-ship that sank 152 years ago in a storm on Lake Huron with no survivors has been found, a Michigan explorer said.

What happened to the Keystone State and its 33 occupants in a November 1861 voyage to Milwaukee from Detroit remains a mystery, said David Trotter, who found the wreck.

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