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Friday 23 March 2018

In brief: All-male golf club considers equality

An all-male club in the historic home of golf could be changing its rules to admit women. The 168-year-old St Andrews Golf Club is considering changing its constitution to comply with equality law.

In a letter to members, club officials wrote that a ban on women could be a "retrograde step" and set out options.

Rooney's 'phone is hacked by paper'

Wayne Rooney has been contacted by detectives investigating the 'News of the World' phone-hacking scandal.

The football star wrote on Twitter that he was surprised that it "looks like a newspaper have (sic) hacked into my phone". A Scotland Yard spokesman was unable to confirm that a meeting had taken place.

Schoolgirl's head cut off in class

A man armed with a large knife beheaded an 18-year-old woman at her school in front of her classmates in eastern India. The attacker told police he was in love with the victim but her parents would not allow them to marry.

Police officers arrested Bijendra Kumar on suspicion of killing Khushbu, who used only one name. She died instantly.

Cops trade batons for stethoscopes

Turkish police disguised themselves as doctors, then knocked on people's doors to see how easily they would fall for a confidence scam.

The undercover police officers told residents of the southeastern city of Gaziantep they were screening for high blood pressure and handed out pills.

Woman escapes dog, but gets shot

A German woman who had escaped without serious injury from a dog attack was accidentally shot by police while she hid from the animal behind a door.

Police in Berlin shot the dog dead, but a stray bullet went through the door behind which the woman was cowering, striking her in the arm.

New laws to curb fowl sex practices

Amorous chickens in a New Jersey township are having their mating times restricted by law. Roosters must also show they are disease-free and not crow too loud. Roosters will be allowed in with the hens for only 10 days a year.

Mayor Jim Burd says the ordinance is a compromise between today's lifestyle and the township's agricultural history.

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