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In brief: Actress Longoria sued for $4m

'Desperate Housewives' co-star Eva Longoria is being sued for at least $4m (€3m) over her financially troubled Las Vegas nightclub.

A former partner in the Beso club, Mali Nachum, claims Longoria violated California usury laws. The suit was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Tyler is year's number one baby

Tyler Ashton Marx's lucky number is going to be one, or 11, or maybe both. The son of Jared and Leslie Marx was born at 11:11am on January 11, 2011 in Meridian, Idaho.

Jared Marx is serving in Iraq and watched his son's birth over the internet.

Giraffe birth takes zoo by surprise

Zoo keepers have been shocked by the birth of a 5ft baby giraffe to a mother who managed to keep her pregnancy hidden.

The as-yet-unnamed calf was born at Paignton Zoo in Devon at 7.30am on Monday to first-time mother Sangha.

Beef fat clogs up shipping channel

The Houston Ship Channel in Texas had to be cleared of solidified beef fat after it leaked from a tank on shore.

It took six days to remove the leaking fat, which solidified in the water into floating lumps resembling icebergs. The Coast Guard said about 15,000 gallons reached the channel through a storm drain.

Teacher burned cross on to pupils

A science teacher in the US has been fired after being accused of burning the image of a cross on pupils' arms.

An internal probe found John Freshwater preached Christian beliefs in class. He was also accused of using a scientific device to mark students with a cross and of keeping a Bible on his desk.

Israel promoting Virgin Mary tours

Israel is inviting tourists to retrace the footsteps of the Virgin Mary as part of a growing campaign to entice Christian pilgrims.

The tourism ministry is helping holiday firms plan pilgrimages to sites where the mother of Jesus Christ lived and travelled. They include her birthplace, Mary's Spring, and the Tomb of the Virgin near Jerusalem.

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