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Images of giant sinkhole which swallowed police SUV, injuring officer



The officer was on patrol when the sinkhole opened up Credit: 9NEWS Denver

A police officer in the United States had a lucky escape when a massive sinkhole opened up beneath his SUV and swallowed it whole.

While patrolling in the early hours of the morning in in the city of Sheridan in the state of Colorado, the road under the officer’s vehicle collapsed into a hole roughly 15 feet deep.


Escaping with minor injuries, the officer crawled onto the SUV’s roof to signal for help.

Unable to use his radio, which was damaged when car fell into the sinkhole, the officer managed to flag down a passing motorist who helped get him out.

The Sheridan Police Department said the officer had since been released from hospital following treatment for minor injuries, adding that the patrol vehicle had been written off.

Road users have been warned to stay away from the area around West Oxford Avenue because the sinkhole has exposed a gas line.

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