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House where children died to be destroyed

The house where Mick Philpott killed his six children by torching the property as they slept will be demolished.

The charred shell of 18 Victory Road, in Derby, pictured, has been boarded up and empty since the fire that claimed the lives of Jade Philpott (10), and her brothers John (9), Jack (8), Jesse (6), Jayden (5) and Duwayne (13).

Last week, Philpott (56) was jailed for life for the manslaughter of his children. His wife, Mairead (32), and their friend, Paul Mosley (46), were each jailed for 17 years.

Derby City Council says the plan will be to consult the local community on what should replace the house and the adjoining semi.

The house, which was the focus of tributes to the children again last week, has been a sombre reminder of the terrible events of May 11.

Irish Independent