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Horses 'abandoned' for 15 years are found with 3ft-long hooves


The horses are believed to have been locked up for 15 years Credit: Days End Farm Horse Rescue

Three horses were found abandoned with hooves so long they could barely walk around their filthy stable.

The horses' conditions were so poor that one had to be euthanised while the other two were sedated so their 3-foot long hooves could be operated on.  

Washington County, MD: Worst case of hoof neglect DEFHR has ev...

BREAKING NEWS: Worst case of hoof neglect DEFHR, Vet and Farrier have ever seen! Horses had over 3 foot long overgrown hooves and were underweight. 1 euthanized on site 2 safely transported to DEFHR. WE NEED YOUR DONATIONS NOW MORE THAN EVER!!!! To donate visit www.defhr.org. More details and photos coming soon... #BreakingNews #DEFHR #4thehorses

Posted by Days End Farm Horse Rescue on Friday, 21 August 2015

The horses were found in a stall surround by three-to-four-feet of manure.

The horses were discovered in a stable in Maryland in the United States when a Good Samaritan called the Humane Society of Washington County with concerns about the welfare of pet pigeons.

It is standard practice in the United States during a welfare inspection to check all animals on the property, which is how the horses were found.

It is suspected the horses were locked up for at least 15 years without proper medical care, said the horse-rescue organisation Days End Farm Horse Rescue.

The non-profit group said of the 3,000 horses they had rescued in 26 years, this incident was the worst cases of hoof neglect that the organisation had encountered.

“The horses couldn’t move without risk of getting tangled in their own hooves,” officials said.

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