Friday 24 November 2017

Hero bus driver saves suicidal girl from bridge plunge

A bus driver is being hailed as a hero after stopping his vehicle to enquire about the wellbeing of woman perched on the ledge of a motorway bridge.

This newly released footage shows the bus driver stopping a girl from jumping off a bridge to her death.

Driver Darnell Barton spotted the girl standing on the edge of the expressway as he was driving along in the US city of Buffalo.

Concerned, he stopped the bus and shouted out, "Ma'am - are you ok?", to check she was alright.

"It didn't seem real with everything going on around," he said. "Pedestrians and motorists were going by as normal."

Mr Barton then got out of the bus and talked the woman off the ledge.

"I grabbed her arm and put my arm around her," he said, ensuring her safety.

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