Wednesday 17 January 2018

Greek president is making 'last ditch' attempts to form stable government

Greek president Karolos Papoulias called for the leaders of Greece's political parties to meet today in a last-ditch effort to broker a deal for a coalition government and avoid another general election.

Mr Papoulias took the step yesterday after Greece's socialist leader, Evangelos Venizelos, officially gave up the mandate to form a coalition government after three rounds of negotiations proved fruitless.

Egyptian comes back from the dead

The funeral wake of a 28-year-old waiter in south Egypt turned into a celebration this weekend, when he woke up after being declared dead.

Hospital officials in the southern province of Luxor had pronounced Hamdi Hafez al-Nubi dead after he suffered a heart attack while working. Grieving relatives took him home and prepared him for burial on Friday. The doctor signing the death certificate found his body was warm. On closer observation she discovered he was still alive.

Nato troops killed by Afghan rebels

Insurgent attacks killed three Nato troops in Afghanistan yesterday while a fourth died of non-battle-related injuries. A roadside bomb in the north-west also killed four Afghan policemen.

EU observers endorse Algerian vote

European Union observers yesterday gave a qualified endorsement to an Algerian parliamentary election which handed victory to the ruling party, bucking the trend of the 'Arab Spring' revolts.

The head of the EU's observer mission in Algeria said there were shortcomings in some technical aspects of the election but there were "as many positive points as there were weak points".

Houston's daughter to do reality show

Whitney Houston's teenage daughter will star in a reality TV show that follows the family of the singer as they cope with her death from drugs earlier this year.

The Lifetime channel said this weekend that Bobbi Kristina Brown, 19, Houston's mother Cissy, the singer's brother, her manager and sister-in-law would all appear in the show that will air later this year.

Serbian nationalists call for protests

Serbian nationalists yesterday called for nationwide street protests over alleged election fraud, fuelling tensions before a presidential run-off vote. Nationalist leader Tomislav Nikolic said the Serbian Progressive Party plans to start peaceful protests today because they "don't recognise" election results held last weekend.

Mr Nikolic will face pro-EU candidate and incumbent president Boris Tadic in a run-off election on May 20.

South Sudan pulls police out of Abyei

South Sudan has pulled its police force out of the disputed Abyei region on the border with Sudan. The withdrawal follows a United Nations Security Council resolution last week threatening non-military sanctions against both countries unless they stopped attacking each other and returned to negotiations.

South Sudan won independence from Sudan last year as part of a 2005 peace treaty that ended decades of war that killed two million people. But the nations have been drawing closer to war in recent weeks over unresolved issues of oil revenues and their disputed border.

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