Wednesday 21 March 2018

Girl finds 'cry for help' note inside a pair of Primark socks

Lucy Kirk who found the note inside a pair of socks
Credit: Twitter/@distxste
Lucy Kirk who found the note inside a pair of socks Credit: Twitter/@distxste

Sarah-Jane Murphy

A Primark customer has found a note claiming to be from a prisoner in China hidden inside a pair of men's socks.

The girl purchased the socks in her local Primark store in the UK as a present for her Dad.

The letter is written in Mandarin, on a well known Chinese brand of notepaper called Ruitai paper, and purports to be from a 39-year-old prisoner called 'Ting Ding' from Anhui Province in East China.

"It was folded up in the bottom of one of the socks, which my dad found upon putting them on," Lucy Kirk told .

The writer claims that he/she was accused of kidnapping in June 2015 and was sent to prision.

"My wife is locked up in a mental institute.

"On May 22 2014, my dad was murdered in a hospital.

"Whoever is reading this, I hope you can pass this message to our President Xi Jinping through the media," the writer continues.

When Lucy tweeted a photo of the pleading letter, Primark responded quickly saying they would investigate.

"I have been in touch with Primark, but some information I wasn’t willing to give them," Lucy said.

"I felt if I gave them too much information on the product they would be able to track this and there would be consequences for workers."

Lucy's tweet has been re-tweeted nearly 1,000 times to-date.

Primark Head Office in Ireland have been contacted by but have not provided a response as yet.

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