Monday 20 November 2017

Girl (11) charged with killing baby

An 11-year-old girl has been charged with juvenile manslaughter after the death of a three-month-old baby in Maine, in the US.

Three-month-old Brooklyn Foss-Greenaway was staying at the girl's home in the care of the girl's mother. The mother called police on July 8 to say the infant wasn't breathing. The state hasn't released the cause of death, but the mother was told that her child ingested medication and was suffocated.

Museum to reveal mummy's secrets

A museum in Philadelphia is letting the public see the mystery of mummy conservation.

A new laboratory at the Penn Museum allows visitors to peek behind the scenes as staff preserve human and animal mummies, as well as intricately inscribed coffins from ancient Egypt.

Lifeguards saved after rap video row

Fourteen Californian lifeguards fired for making a parody video in uniform and at the pool will get their jobs back.

El Monte city council voted to rehire them after they were dismissed last month for their version of the 'Gangnam Style' video by Korean rapper PSY. The video showed lifeguards in their city-issued swimsuits dancing underwater and on diving boards.

Men sneak a peek into ladies loo

An Austrian artist has installed a one-way mirror in a Vienna cafe that allows men to peek from their restroom into the ladies room.

Alexander Riegler told the 'Heute' newspaper that the mirror is an attempt to "stir people into a discussion of voyeurism and surveillance," in an era when almost everyone is being watched. Cafe employee Alexander Khael-Khaelsberg says the mirror only shows women at the sink and does not offend anyone's private sphere.

Return of stolen spoons causes stir

Three small, silver spoons elegantly engraved with the words 'Waldorf Astoria' have come full circle after they were stolen eight decades ago by an employee.

They have since passed through two Brooklyn homes and another three in New Jersey and earlier this month they were returned by Brigid Brown as part of a new Waldorf "amnesty programme" that seeks pilfered hotel property, no questions asked. The spoons have joined dozens of other items that are back in their rightful place, including teapots, creamers and a sugar bowl.

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