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Fugitive had op to become woman

Federal prosecutors in Mexico say they have arrested a man who had plastic surgery and assumed a female identity to avoid capture.

The attorney general's office says Aaron Vera Morales "had plastic surgery in an effort to evade justice, to change his identity from a man to a woman". He is charged with defrauding a government health agency.

Sex-row Weiner's wife is pregnant

The wife of US representative Anthony Weiner, ensnared in a sex scandal for sending lewd pictures of himself over the internet, is pregnant, the 'New York Times' reported yesterday.

Huma Abedin, an aide to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who married the congressman a year ago, is expecting the couple's first child, the newspaper reported, citing three unnamed people with knowledge of the situation.

Staff leave bank branch not so safe

Bank workers left an empty branch open to all-comers after failing to realise the door lock was broken, it has emerged.

Barclays in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, was left unlocked until some honest customers raised the alarm. It took security staff four hours to turn up to secure the building.

Judge's dog gets Facebark page

A judge's dog, which has been seized by UK police after three alleged attacks, now has its own Facebook page.

A photo of Judge Beatrice Bolton's pet Georgina appears on the social networking site with the message: "I am a very beautiful German Shepherd dog looking for friends both GSDs and humans."

Repairman held in break-in bungle

Police have apologised to a carpenter for arresting him after he left blood behind when he mended a door broken by a burglar.

Jason Gaspard (40) cut himself on a shard of glass after being asked by the property owner to fix a door to make it secure following a break-in.

Insect ice-cream bugs health chiefs

A public health official in the US has asked an ice-cream shop to cool it with the cicada ice cream despite its popularity.

Sparky's Homemade Ice Cream in Missouri sold out of its only batch of the insect-filled dessert within hours of its debut. The ingredients include boiled, chocolate-covered cicadas collected from employees' backyards.

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