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Four bodies found behind US shopping centre linked to serial killer


Diane Cusack, Joyvaline Martinez, and Mary Jane Menard. The women’s bodies were found in 2007 and four more bodies were discovered in the same area Credit: State of Connecticut, Division of Criminal Justice (AP)

Remains of four women found behind a shopping centre have been linked to an unnamed serial killer in the United States.

Police in Connecticut have said they were “confident” that the remains dumped in the area behind the shopping centre were connected to those of three other woman whose bodies were discovered in the same site in 2007.

Police, who are linking the seven deaths, have refused to name the suspect at the centre of the murder investigation however, as they believe he is “no threat to the public” as he is already in prison for other crimes.

Connecticutt’s Chief Attorney Kevin T Kane made the revelation on Monday that the skeletal remains of four more female bodies had been identified after being dug up from a marshy wooded area behind a shopping centre in the city of New Britain in Hartford County.

The partial remains of Diane Cusack (53) Joyvaline Martinez (23) and Mary-Jane Menard (40) were discovered in the same wooded area by a hunter in 2007.

Investigators have been returning to the site each year ever since in the search for further victims.

An FBI dog helped to locate the newly-found remains in an area police have referred to as a "burial site".

One of the latest victims has been named as Melanie-Ruth Camilini, a mother of two from Seymour, who like the other identified women had last been seen in 2003.

The case threatens to rival that of Connecticut's most notorious serial killer, Michael Ross, who admitted to murdering eight women and girls in Connecticut and New York in the 1980s and was executed in 2005.

Mr Kane said that while police were “confident” that the four women were linked to the remains of three other women found dumped in the area; it would be “unethical” to release the name of the suspect at this time.

NBC Connecticutt reported that police sources stated the suspect was already in custody on other offences.

He has never been charged with murder.

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