Thursday 12 December 2019

Footage shows two women being run over by a 14,000 ton train and survive but complain of a ‘stubbed toe’

Freya Drohan

The two women are lucky to be alive after they were run over by a coal train on a railroad bridge.

The footage from Indiana Railroad in America shows the moment when the two women tried to outrun the train- which had tried to brake when it spotted them.

The bridge in question is 80 feet above a creek bed outside Bloomington, Indiana.

According to spokesman Eric Powell, the women were walking along ‘Shuffle Creek Trestle Bridge’ at 6.30 am when the train carrying 100 coal cars approached them.

The startled driver immediately put on the emergency brakes when he saw the women on the tracks.

Powell stated, “When you have a train going 24mph - and this train weighed some 14,000 tons - it’s going to take that train at least a half mile to stop.”

With no other option, the two women lay down in the middle of the tracks as the locomotive passed over them.

Miraculously, they were unharmed.

When the train finally came to a halt, both women stood up and ran away.

One of the women shouted at the engineer that she had a stubbed toe, Powell told MailOnline.

The train company is furious with the two women for sneaking onto the private railroad property.

A railroad employee happened to catch the license plate on the car when the women fled the scene.

The company has turned the information over to the prosecutor's office and asked that the two be charged with trespassing.

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