Tuesday 12 December 2017

Florida woman served with papers for child she 'fathered' when she was eight

Court stock image
Court stock image
Clare Cullen

Clare Cullen

A nineteen year-old woman in Florida claims to have been served papers claiming child support for an eleven-year old child she is accused of 'fathering'.

The desperate student took to Reddit to seek advice on how best to deal with the papers.

"I am a woman who is being accused of not paying child support for the child I fathered. The child is 11, I am 19".

She wrote that this was "not a typo", adding that the courthouse actually has a file for the case so she knows it is not a scam or a joke.

She said she tried to explain that she could not have fathered the child, being a woman.

"I told them it was a mistake but no one there would listen".

She told other Redditors that she can't understand the suit, or how it could be mistaken identity. "My first name is definitely not a man's name - Abigail - and my last name is not common".

Abigail confessed that she cannot afford a lawyer to protect herself against the lawsuit. "I really don't know anything about court stuff".

One redditor claiming to be a lawyer in the state of Florida told her to "go to a law school and get a student from the law clinic" to help her.

He advised her to get an attorney to draft a letter to the plaintiff's council, "advising them of the error and that the suit is frivolous".

He impressed upon her the urgency of getting this mess sorted as soon as possible.

"If you win, you can get your attorney's fees and costs paid back by the plaintiff's attorney".

"Do this today".

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