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Floating house spotted sailing down the River Thames

London City has its latest property listing – a floating house sailing down the River Thames.

The floating home made its way under Tower Bridge before pasting the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye on Monday as part of a stunt set up by Airbnb.

The bizarre sight is to celebrate new rules allowing home owners in London to share their homes with travellers for up to 90 days.

Totalling eight meters in height and weighing 70 tonnes, the dwelling comprises two bedrooms, a living room, a working bathroom and even a garden complete with real grass, a dog kennel and an apple tree.


New rules in London allow home owners to share their property for up to 90 days Credit: Airbnb

The house will meander along the river throughout the week until Saturday 22 May, when people will be offered the chance to stay in the drifting homestead this weekend.

The listing, entitled Floating House, was created by architects Nick and Steve Tidball, who say they wanted to create a "fairytale structure in the middle of London - something that would allow people to see the city from a different angle."

As with all Airbnb listings, there are a few house rules including no swimming in the Thames or engaging in acts of piracy against local neighbourhoods such as Chelsea, Westminster and Canary Wharf.

The house will hold community events and overnight stays throughout the week before opening its doors to one lucky winner and three guests, who will stay overnight on Friday.



Airbnb are offering people the chance to stay in the house Credit: Airbnb

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