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Flight diverted due to a 'pungent' smell coming from lavatory


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A Delhi-bound flight was diverted due to a “pungent” smell in the cockpit emanating from the lavatory.

The SpiceJet flight from Bengaluru to Delhi was forced to land in Hyderabad due to the strong smell.

The pilot made the decision to divert the Boeing 737, which had 184 passengers and four infants on board.

"SpiceJet aircraft, operating flight SG 192 from Bengaluru to Delhi, had to be diverted to Hyderabad due [to a] very foul smell from forward lavatory coming into the cockpit,” an airline spokesperson told the Hindustan Times.

The journey was delayed for almost an hour as the plane was cleaned thoroughly and ventilated.

The exact cause of the smell has not yet been revealed.

SpiceJet is India’s largest low-cost airline and operates 306 daily flights to 45 destinations.

A SpiceJet flight was previously grounded after it hit a stray buffalo that wandered on to a runway in the Indian city of Surat.

There was “substantial” damage to the aircraft and the animal was killed.

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